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Multi-media installation in a lush suburban garden in Oak Park, IL



Terrain Biennial, Oak Park, IL

Photography, Bobbi Meier

Celebrating the profusion of plant life already present in Noelle Allen’s lush garden, I began collecting objects to develop the idea of what we treasure. Nature, an experience to be treasured, is subverted by the artificial materiality of constructed forms: manufactured cast-offs, which intercede and compete for attention.  Playful and unreal, these scavenged materials have become seductive treasures, as objects to be admired and questioned. Un-natural and unchanged by nature, imperfect and out of place, they somehow belong, having found a new purpose. These exotic mutations of color, form and material compete for attention, as synthetic interlopers in the natural landscape. 

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Wood stretchers, hand dyed cotton rope, found objects, donated clothing and textiles. Collaborative project between Bobbi & Steve Meier and the neighbors on Taylor Street for the Terrain Biennial 2017.



Stucco home in Oak Park, IL

Photography, Nic Meier & Bobbi Meier

"I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you". This simple statement acknowledges and celebrates our individuality and the unconditional acceptance of our neighbors “just the way they are”... more

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