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Strange Etiquette

A collaboration featuring a retrospective of Meier's "sensuous, slightly frightening, and grotesquely humorous" sculptures and drawings, presented in an imagined environment fashioned by Salonlb in response to the work.


Salonlb, Chicago

Photography, Iron & Honey

The menagerie of whimsical objects, and nostalgic vignettes subvert 

expected customs of form and function, transporting visitors into a realm of distortedly vintage spectacle.

Rapt 1 & 2

Rapt no. 1 & Rapt no. 2

Two Performances with Soft Sculpture prosthesis.

A collaboration between visual artist, Bobbi Meier, dancer/performer, Iris Parke, Lauren Brescia and Scott Renfro, Salonlb. 

Salonlb, Chicago, 2020

Photography, Iron & Honey

Video, Donna Neddo

The object is soft and wraps around the body. It’s difficult to maneuver. Drawings flow from body parts through an encasement of soft forms. Angry actions are stifled by softness. How will my life experiences manifest from this crazy paraphernalia I have created? more

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