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It'a a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Bobbi Meier & Steve Meier, September 2017

Appropriating a quote from the song by Mr Rogers,  "I've Always Wanted to Have a Neighbor Just Like You", introduced at the beginning of every one of his children’s TV shows, fits with our idea of recognizing an idealized expectation we have of neighbors, neighborhoods and our place in them. In a sense, this quote is a call-to-action: to be the neighbor we would want to have. This simple statement also acknowledges and celebrates our individuality and the unconditional acceptance of our neighbors “just the way they are”.

Weaving as an historic artistic activity in the home and community was compelling to us. So we announced to the neighborhood our intent: gather material, clothes, toys, objects, “cast-offs” and contribute these materials and your time to help create a tapestry installation. Our collaborative project was developed to emphasize the strength in coming together and supporting one another as neighbors and friends; the weaving becoming a metaphor for solidarity.

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