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Rapt (No. 1) and Rapt (No. 2)

Bobbi Meier, January 2020

The object is soft and wraps around the body. It’s difficult to maneuver. Drawings flow from body parts through an encasement of soft forms. Angry actions are stifled by softness. How will my life experiences manifest from this crazy paraphernalia I have created? Wrapped or rapt, afraid to perform on my own, a stand-in does it for me.

Embracing the frustration, hindrance and awkwardness of wearing this device and making art with it is a way to actively include the whole body in a mark-making experience. It is simultaneously athletic, cathartic and humorous. Memories of listening to my mother’s intense interpretations of piano masterpieces provided inspiration for the use of sound in these performances. I am forever grateful to her for introducing me to her world of music and her support of my life as an artist.

Sound credits:

Rapt (No.1)

Sergei Rachmaninoff, P​relude in C sharp minor (Op. 3 No. 2)

Rapt (No.2)

Erik Satie, Gnossiennes (No. 1 & No. 3

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