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What We Said; What We Meant

Bobbi & Steve Meier, September 2012

The opportunity for a partner show opened a conversation about our art that we had not considered before.  Assembling this exhibition has forced us to consider our work, which has been produced independently, in relationship with one another. We came to the realization that our art practices, which have been a consistent part of our lives together share content and visual language. 

    Analyzing our recent work, we searched for a theme that would guide us in our selections. The titling of the show proved to be the force, which kept us on track and reminded us that we are showing a visual representation of our partnership. Unspoken narrative, voice and dialogue, are some words that began to surface as we described the qualities of our work. We noticed formal and metaphorical relationships in our images. 

     The contrasts and similarities in our use of line, shape, color, and composition, open dialog between images and evoke qualities of our personalities. Steve’s minimalistic imagery juxtaposed with the complexities of my work point to the complications in our daily lives. Our histories as designers are apparent in our use of structure and precision in production. The collaboration process began in earnest, as we worked at solving the problem of displaying an array of small works within the limitations of the gallery display system. After much consideration and brainstorming, Steve designed and constructed a method for display that provides a vehicle to engage comparative conversations in our work. 

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