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Sentinels for Innocents

Soft free-standing and wall based organic sculptures are featured with  woven fiber and acrylic wall pieces of Yvette Kaiser Smith in a two-person exhibition, Rebellious Fibers  


OS Projects Gallery, Racine, Wi

Photography, Robert C. Osborne

Sentinels for Innocents is a series of upright sculptures created to bring lightness to a dark time. Sentinels keep watch, they guard and protect. My playful sculptures are preservers of memories of an innocent time when I was a young child and pandemics, political upheaval, illness and civil unrest were unknown to me. This work is a push-back to anxiety, sadness and nostalgia. Manipulating provocative materials: spandex and pantyhose with disassembled stuffed toys, scraps of fabric and hotly painted domestic furniture; these objects are meant to bring curiosity and a smile to the viewer while suggesting that something’s amiss.

February 2022 

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